About Us

We are a company whose aim is purely Digital Marketing and Media consultancy under the mother company, Dow Group established in 2002.

We help in creating the right marketing strategy plan and work on its implementation to building a brand or creating brand awareness and positioning in a way to reach the right marketing objective.

Obtaining a position from your consumers is important. Therefore, we can help you devise plans to make your clients choose you, as well as be loyal to you. We’ll find ways to make your brand different and distinctive from your other competitors.

In other words, we provide business strategies that can help clients in reaching the market and be exposed to a lot of consumers. As a marketing consultant, we keep track of your company’s sales and feedbacks, so we can adjust marketing strategies if necessary, and we can help make your consumers satisfied with your services.

Why Us

Why Us

A marketing plan is your business document, therefore every business forms its own marketing strategy.

We do both, the consultancy and the execution of your business marketing.

So we are the complete solution for your enterprise. You won't be having to worry about anything whatsoever since all your work will be done by professionals from many fields.   We want nothing but your success. We will attend to all your needs and you can openly discuss with us your goals so that we can work together to revise, change and make your marketing plans more likely to succeed.   This company is only one of many departments under Dow Holding. As a marketing consultancy company in Dubai, we support in all your marketing plan from A to Z. We even study the strategy of your plan including every step and its result, before we execute it.

Our Objective

Our Objective

the first step... is the only step needed. changing dreams into reality

We ought to be one of the leaders in the marketing consultancy business, because of our long experience in the marketing field.

Our aim is to make your business prosper. We will be there in your every step towards success. With all our promising and outstanding specialists, we can make your dream a reality – we can put it in your hands. We are a company that begins and finalizes each and every detail related to marketing from the second you decide to launch a business till the excellent feedback you will be definitely hearing, feeling and wishing for...  

Our Vision and Beliefs

Our Vision and Beliefs

Believing is the clarity of your vision.

The CEO of our company believes that in order to reach success, things should be complementary.

The CEO of our company believes that in order to reach success, things should be complementary. He believes in balance – every aspect of your business must complement each other to avoid mishaps and will only lead to your desired outcomes.  This is the reason behind the launching of many specialized companies under one mother company "Dow Group Holding". Every company is specialized in a set of marketing steps. Dow Group Marketing Consultancy is seen as pure support and execution company.