The Do’s and Don’ts that you should follow in Digital Marketing, now!

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The Do’s and Don’ts that you should follow in Digital Marketing, now!

All business organizations know that it is imperative for them to opt for digital marketing sooner or later – this can help so much in expanding their reach, gaining traffic, and having more faithful customers as well. Creating brand awareness is important and that is where a digital agency in Dubai comes in – to help you with your needs.

And we, YZemarketing, are the answer to all your marketing necessities. We are a marketing consultancy firm in Dubai that gives effective strategies that can help you succeed in your business. We provide services such as Marketing Plan, Brand Strategy, Lead Generation, Digital Transformation, and many others – all from which you can gain enhanced marketing solutions for your organization.

We have been in the industry long enough to know exactly what our clients need – we give them the appropriate methodologies and stratagems that can effectively boost their exposure, reach, and traffic altogether. This is what we aim for in every project that we take – to give significant positive changes to your organization which can help you obtain a position in the market.

And as for digital marketing, here are some tips about the do’s and don’ts that you should follow right now:


Do opt for blogging or giving reliable and informative content that your customers will get value from. You can use keywords and SEO so that this can be visible on search engines. You can also share this content on your social media accounts which can help you gain more traffic to our website once your customers see it on your social media pages.

Do make sure that your website is mobile-friendly – not only does this can give utter convenience to your customers ( who are using their mobile devices all the time, by the way ) but also because Google will soon implement a mobile-first index that makes your mobile traffic even significant. ( Read more about it here: Is your site ready for Google’s Mobile-First Index?)

Do prioritize your customers all the time – focus on the user experience and not only on spoon-feeding them with your services. In order to gain their trust, you have to first show them that you are credible and worthy of it – make them feel that they are more than just customers to you but a part of your growing company as well.


Don’t forget to post original and authentic content – plagiarism is not tolerated anywhere and most of all, Google, thus, guarantee that all that you post and show on your website are yours.

Don’t clog your customers’ feeds and inboxes with your content. There is a proper timing for this – you will lose your credibility once they get irritated by your non-stop spamming. Strategize your postings well.

Don’t just “sell” – know how you can effectively nurture and care for your customers by giving them genuine ideas, solutions, and concepts that they can use in their daily lives, hence, by using your products as well. Effective marketing strategy comes with caring for your customers through telling them that your services and products will help them in different ways.


But you still need to consult with a reliable marketing consultancy firm in Dubai to help you in gaining effective solutions to your marketing needs – that is why we,YZemarketing, have our doors always open for you.



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